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Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy

for adults and children
Latest Practice News:


As of March 17th, 2020, due to the dynamic nature of our current environment, we want to update you in accordance with CMS’s Medicare Interim Rule for the COVID-19 public health emergency (“COVID-19 PHE”). most insurance plans will now allow for more services to be furnished via telehealth.  This is therapy through the use of interactive apps with audio and video capabilities, and in some cases, audio phones only.


These temporary changes will ensure that patients have access to  providers while remaining safely at home.

We are here to help.


We have been helping people learn how to make the changes they want since 2008. Relationship woes? Anger issues got you in trouble? Have a troubled teen or child in trouble? Drugs?  Feel stuck your life? You are not alone. There are other people out here going through the same stuff too. This is temporary.



We will meet, identify issues, work together to create a plan, follow through with some reasonable interventions, and figure out ways to make the changes last. 

Our therapists have successfully helped our clients see new hope and make meaningful change in their lives. You do not need to suffer unnecessarily. We can help. Our therapists will work with you to give you the tools you need to make positive, lasting, and meaningful change in your life.  We have four offices from NYC to Millbrook to better serve our clients where they live.



All therapists are licensed by New York State Office of the Professions and have all received post graduate training in various specialty areas.

Some areas of our work include:
  • Anxiety

  • Life purpose

  • Depression

  • Anger Management

  • Substance use

  • Adolescent Issues

  • Relationship work

  • Identity / Self improvement  

  • Social and recreational groups for children and teens

  • We also offer forensic services (Court mandated).


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