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Online Group Support

Head In The Right Direction Counseling Services Partners with Innovia Behavioral Health for Online Support Groups

In a strategic collaboration, Head In The Right Direction Counseling Services has partnered with Innovia Behavioral Health to provide an accessible platform for online support groups.

Offerings by Innovia BH:

Innovia BH extends a wide variety of educational, experiential, and therapeutic support groups in a virtual environment. These groups offer live support in areas such as:
- Recovery and traditional behavioral health topics
- Health & wellness groups
- Personal and professional relationships, anger management, adolescent issues, and substance use

These virtual support groups are designed to assist individuals in leading happier, healthier lives. The focus is on providing support when needed, and the groups are easily accessible and affordably priced.

Our Facilitators:

All support groups are led by a team of professionals that include peer specialists, counselors, coaches, therapists, and doctorate-level experts.

Invitation from Head in the Right Direction:

We encourage you and your family members to explore these support groups. If you are currently undergoing treatment with one of our therapists, your group experiences can be integrated into your individual sessions for a comprehensive approach to learning and growth.

Affordable Monthly Subscription:

For a reasonable monthly rate, you can join Innovia BH and gain access to all the groups that apply to your unique needs on a monthly basis.

This collaboration between Head In The Right Direction Counseling Services and Innovia Behavioral Health offers an opportunity for more individuals to benefit from virtual group support.


If you'd like to view the groups and learn more, click here.   ​
Sign up here for a reduced rate. 
Innovia en Español.
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